Can I get an estimated cost?

Yes. Just click “GET ESTIMATE NOW” on the residential-cleaning or move-out-cleaning page. Complete the required questions, click “calculate” for a rough estimate. If you like what you see submit the form and we will schedule an on-site to validate the estimate & finalize the price.

What is your hourly rate?

For routine cleaning, we do not charge per hour. Instead we look at many factors including size of home, pets, clutter, level of cleanliness, rooms to be cleaned, etc. We then price the job accordingly and guarantee your price for one year. Move outs are charged at $40 per hour, and one-time cleaning $30 per hour (minimums apply).

Are discounts available?

Yes. The more frequently you use our service, the better the price per service. Service is available once, monthly, alternate weekly, weekly. Discounts are not available for move out cleaning or one-time cleaning. You will also earn 10% off for automatic payments, and up to 25% off for each refferal up to one discount per month.

Does Bigfoot Cleaning LLC provide the supplies?

Yes. We provide the chemical and supplies. The only time we ask that you provide something is a specialty chemical or if you prefer that we use your vacuum. Please note that your vacuum is to be maintained by you (i.e. belts, etc).

How many cleaners are sent? Is it the same cleaner each time?

Typically we send one cleaner as we are small and family owned. However, our cleaners are efficient and thorough. In some cases we will send two. Please note that 1 cleaner for 8 hours costs the same as 2 cleaners for 4 hours. Competitive services use the same model.

What time will you be at my house?

We will start typically at 8AM or 1 PM depending on if you sign up for morning or afternoon service. Slight changes to start time may be requested and will be permitted based on availability. You will be assigned a day of the week such as every other week on Wednesdays.

Do I need to be home during service?

No. As a matter of fact most customers are more comfortable not being home while their cleaner is working. It’s actually easier for the cleaner as well so we aren’t crossing paths.

Do I need to provide a key or code?

Yes, by the second cleaning we require a copy of your key that is kept safe in our office between cleanings. For safety reasons we do not permit customers to leave keys outside. Additionally, it avoids the issue of lockouts, which are costly for everyone. A key code is an acceptable alternate to a key.

Can I cancel service at any time?

Of course. Please just be respectful of the cleaners schedule. We ask 48 hours for one-time cancellations/reschedules, and 2 weeks for permanent. Not following this policy 2+ times in a row may result in the minimum $75 charge and/or moving up a cost level until the regular schedule is presumed (i.e. alternate weekly to monthly cost).

What do I do when I'm going on vacation?

Nothing. While you are away, dust will still settle and you will want to come home to a clean home. If you insist on not having a regular cleaning, let us know at least 48 hours in advance and we will perform a light clean for 50% of the normal price. If you prefer to have no cleaning at all, be sure to follow the 48 hour cancellation policy.

Do you sub-contract or send your own employees?

Bigfoot Cleaning LLC is family owned and operated. We believe in high-quality service provided by cleaners that we train and hold to our standard. For that reason we use our own employees. In some cases we do sub-contract to fully trained cleaners who are background checked and required to hold insurance, in addition to our own.

If there are problems or questions, who do I call?

Just email sales@bigfootcleaning.com or call 253-200-1556 x0. We are all here to help and we want your feedback! Always feel free to leave us a review on Google or Facebook as well. Business hours are 8-5 Monday-Friday, excluding major holidays or the following Monday if the holiday falls on a weekend.