Keeping Glass Crystal Clear

Okay, we've all been there. We go on that cleaning rampage once in a while, and we want our home to look spotless. There's nothing worse than finishing all those hours of cleaning, only to have the sun shine through the window, and there it is...STREAKS!

Well it turns out that your glass does not have to be left with streaks. Forget using that expensive and "specially formulated" blue liquid (yes, you know what blue liquid I'm talking about). There is a cheaper alternative that is probably in your cabinet already.


No, Not that alcohol! We love wine too, but we're talking about rubbing alcohol. Just mix 1 part alcohol to 2-3 parts water. You will have a perfect smudge-free solution. Be sure to use a lint free rag such as a 'flour sack'. Those work best.

Now the next time you clean your windows and other glass, it will be crystal clear!