Sometimes cleaning includes websites.

Good afternoon customers and friends! This post probably isn't TOO interesting. However it's something we are proud of, so we thought we'd share.

We've had the same website for quite some time now...nearly two years. It was time that Bigfoot Cleaning LLC did a revamp that will serve customers and potential customers better. So here are some of the things that we did to make this site work better for you!

1) Changed the coloration so the bright colors don't assault your eyes too much. We love our blue and orange colors, but the old site was quite bright (huh....I just rhymed).

2) Simplified the layout overall so menus and items are easier to find.

3) Added some embedded "email us" buttons rather than a form on the last page.

4) Likely the MOST important, we added calculating forms for services. Now you can get "rough estimates" for your service based on size, frequency, and cleanliness. An on-site is still needed to finalize the price, but at least you can get an idea without waiting for a response. 

Even though we updated, we aren't done yet. Bigfoot Cleaning LLC is aiming to launch an online payment system by the end of 2016. In addition, we will be looking into adding an app that allows customers to make schedule changes based on our availability, without needed to call or email.

Stay tuned later in the year for those new features.